Special Yoga Schedule for the Holiday week.

Hello and Happy Holidays,

There will be a special schedule for the week with everything back to normal on Tuesday. I am traveling to Napa with Lily to enjoy the holidays with her family .

I am encouraging all new practitioners to wait until Tuesday the 27th to begin their practice at Near East.

Dena will be a supporting a couple classes and and the un-supported times will be hosted by Max, Stephen, Ben and Liza and all the wonderful people of Near East.

If any questions arise confer with another person or do what you think I would do. Over all enjoy your practice.

Keep in mind that the heaters can stay on but must be pulled away from the walls.

If you light a candle, put it out or tell someone about it before you leave.

Don’t leave the studio unlocked and empty.

Everyone is welcome to get their practice in so please feel welcome to do that while I am away.

I can be reached at anytime to help you get access to the studio by calling me at 503-890-2212.

The schedule for the week- Please sign in.

Wednesday 630-9AM- Mysore followed by open practice
530-730PM open Mysore
Thursday early open Mysore followed by 9-1030AM Mysore with Dena
530-730PM open Mysore
Friday 8-10AM Group Primary with Dena (please come to this, it’s better with a large group. Note the time change for this week only)
Saturday New Moon- No Yoga
Sunday Open Mysore- (Christmas Yoga)
Monday Open AM and Open PM

Tuesday- Normal Schedule.

See you all after tomorrow in a week. Casey

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