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Near East Yoga thrives via the support of the community. In order to include everyone, Near East Yoga offers a variety of tuition options geared to the needs of the community and the individual practitioner.

The first ethic of ashtanga yoga is to “do your practice”. The more regular and consistent the practice, the more affordable it becomes. Near East Yoga is open to supporting all yogis in anyway needed. Please don’t let finances be deterrent to regular and dedicated yoga practice.

Inquire today about how you can be part of what we are doing and offer your support in keeping the Mysore tradition alive in Portland Oregon.

We accept cash and cards at the studio, alternatively, you can make payments using a credit card or Paypal on this page.


The path of yoga is one of deep and personal self-inquiry. Each yogi is different and comes to take on yoga practice for unique and individual reasons. The initial force that calls a person to this path is knowledge from within and is the reflection of the actual “teacher” , the aspect of self that agrees to learn and grow. The conditions with which we find ourselves are the basis of this knowledge and also the means of reforming our conditions to match what we” know” to be true within. We intuitively are drawn to take on a form of what has been called self-improvement and yoga practice can be the means for this transformation and understanding.

The standard at Near East Yoga is based in this idea- the age of the guru has ended, although there are few remaining, over-all it is up to the individual to seek a higher function and collect the necessary data and experience to be confident and act in the world as a yogin. Near East Yoga  provides access to the the classical philosophy of Yoga and the practical means to experience this information both on and off the mat or cushion. It’s not hard but it does take time and dedication. There is nothing missing within us. What might suffice as a marker for change is simply a rearrangement of our perspective over time, established as right sized and fully empowered in our domaine.

There are daily or twice daily vinyasa sessions both Mysore and Group, a dedicated Yoga Sutra of Patanjali study and an established pranayama group. Near East Yoga frequently supports the study of eastern dharma via dedicated effort such as 28 Days of Kirtan and reading the Bhagavad Gita.

There is also the aspect of the unknown and the unique discovery latent in the person that will certainly be revealed. Please attend with an open mind and the passion that extends into inquiry.

Supporting Subscription – $25

Near East Yoga accepts donations of any amount (see the field at the end of this page) or as a subscription of $25 dollars a month.

These funds go directly to paying the lease and keeping the door open for yogis who otherwise would not have a place to practice. Thank you for you thoughtful contribution! 

Drop In – $20

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One Month of Unlimited Mysore – $135

Unlimited Mysore classes include all classes for either a 30 day period or from the day practice begins until that day the following month. 

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One Month of Unlimited Mysore Subscription- $125

Save $10 by setting up auto-payment

Limited-Monthly Practice  Subscription- $95

“Limited” refers to 3 classes or fewer a week. 

Punch Cards

Punch-cards don’t expire but do get stale if unused.

10 class punch card- $150

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6 months- $750

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12 months- $1200

Ask about special yearly rates. 

A great thanks to anyone paying in advance. You are making a huge contribution in keeping the tradition alive in Portland, Oregon.

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Near East Yoga accepts donations for free classes like Yoga Sutra and Bhajan. Thank you for your thoughtful contribution.