Lasting Motivation

Hey There- As we here in Portland , the US and the World continue to respond to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, an economic shut down and the space that remains where what seemed a possible future is shunted or galvanized by powers outside of our control, my thoughts continually turn to what is… Continue reading Lasting Motivation

Years end at Near East Yoga

  Dear Friends, The following text is also the content of my email newsletter. My primary source of communication about Near East Yoga is in person, via email, text or phone. Feel free to sign up for the email under the tab “new students” posted above- most emails will not be “years end letters” in… Continue reading Years end at Near East Yoga

Pranayama Notes-

Thinking about checking out the pranayama sessions Tuesdays and Thursdays, 630-730am? Curious about whats in it for you and why make the investment of time, energy etc? Questioning the process makes for deeper inquiry, as does trying it on and seeing if it fits. I wholeheartedly suggest you come if interested at all. Yoga is… Continue reading Pranayama Notes-

Patanjali Intensive Starts September 19th

Patanjali Now! A Yoga Sutra Intensive – $285 dollars Tuesday’s and Sunday’s September 19th to November 19th 2017.  Spend an interactive 8 weeks with Patanajli First Class- Tuesday September 19th- Introductions, Chanting, Philosophy, Discussion   A special rate of $95 dollars extra includes daily Mysore practice for one month. Tickets can be purchased here OR, mail a… Continue reading Patanjali Intensive Starts September 19th

Upcoming Events at Near East Yoga

The Magic of Sacred Story with John de Kadt Saturday, May 27 at 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM Story means “store house”. When a story possesses reminders and meaning needed during challenging times they become wisdom stories, sacred stories or places of treasured remembrance. It is then, when we have lost our way, that we can reach back… Continue reading Upcoming Events at Near East Yoga

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