Weekly Schedule

Unsupported Mysore Dawn to 10am- Daily*

Supported Mysore 7:30am Sunday (starting May 8th) thru Friday, 

Pranayama- The Basics in Practice 630-730am- Monday thru Friday 


Intro to the Yoga Sutra 630-8pm most Tuesdays and Thursdays 


Dharma Discussion w/ the Near East Sangha 9am Friday Morning 


Near East Yoga is in the beginning stages of rebuilding a curriculum that serves the needs of many people.  In the post pandemic era the opportunity to offer a fresh and  innovative from of support is being nurtured to birth.

The morning Mysore sessions are open to all current and  former students of the style. Prior enrollment at Near East Yoga is not required.

Evening Sessions will be set-timed group classes with an emphasis on the new practitioner exploring an evening practice. Unassisted evening Mysore for those interested is by appointment only.

To inquire please call or text 503-890-2212 or email

Below are the links to the Zoom classes   Forms of tuition can be designed to fit the individual. Click here , then scroll down to make a donation or make a direct purchase of tuition. 

For Zoom classes, each session requires entering a “waiting room”. Log in 5 minutes prior to the beginning of the session you plan to attend.

***Class Schedule***

Near East Yoga

Casey Palmer, Founder

Established in 2002, Near East Yoga serves a variety of dedicated dharma practitioners. Off the beaten path but nearby to most of Portland by freeway, bike or rail, it offers a respite from the in-and-out mega studios.

As a “one room school house”, Near East Yoga  accommodates the needs of the community by hosting daily, evening and weekend classes, weekly Sutra Chanting and Dharma discussions, Bhajan and Kirtan sessions and supportive methods of practice geared toward the contemplative soul.

All levels of experience are warmly welcomed.

In 1996, in pursuit of clarity and a self inquiry,  Casey Palmer began the vocation of personal transformation in life through the action and meditation practices known as yoga. As a world traveller, autodidact and lover of experience and knowledge, Casey has cultivated personal interests in music, cooking, Vedic astrology, and yoga and shares them openly with his community. With a personal mission to support yogis of all varieties,  Casey explores the practice of yoga with an ardent and joyful sense of community and inclusion.

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