Moon Day, Dzogchen, Kathy Cooper

This email includes an invite to a Fall Potluck on the 13th after Mysore. All are welcome even if the workshop is not your thing.

Please RSVP if you are coming to the workshop. Please pay in cash whenever possible.

Many of you have been asking when and if Kathy will visit this Fall. (Because I said she was coming a couple months back) It’s a pleasure to say yes and welcome her the week of Monday November 14th through the Friday the 18th. Some of you have made lasting connections with Kathy by now and will be looking forward to re-connecting with her. She is a wonderful teacher and I always feel renewed during and after her visit.

The fee for the workshop is a sliding scale of $50-$75 dollars. As usual All the fee’s go direct to Kathy. Everyone in the NEY community is welcome even if you need assistance with the fee. Donations are welcome.Some scholarship has already been promised. It’s a benefit to us all that she can come so please participate even if you are short on funds. It really makes a difference to you, me and everyone when we all get a chance to connect with such a strong teacher. She is interested in seeing all of us so please come out.

The class schedule for her time will be something similar to her previous visits-

Sunday Potluck on the 13th- After the Mysore class. Randi, please bring chai. Everyone else do as you normally do- it’s always awesome.

14th Monday- 8-10AM and 530-730PM
15th Tuesday 8-10AM and 530-730PM
16th Wednesday 8-10AM only
17th Thursday 8-10AM and 530-730PM
18th Friday 7-9AM Group Yoga Talk and asana practice followed by a bon voyage breakfast, location TBA.
Possible Saturday Mysore at 9AM

This schedule might be altered in the next week to meet Kathy’s requirements. All the details will be sorted long before she arrives.

Thanks Kathy, can’t wait to see you. Casey

Hi There,

Thursday October 10th is a Full Moon and Near Easy Yoga will be closed.

Thursday evening from 630-830PM a small group is meeting at Near East Yoga for a dzogchen meditation. Everyone is welcome to attend. The time will be spent both sitting and reflecting on a method put forth by Keith Dowman when he visited a few weeks ago. If you want to know more please attend the meditation. This work is very suitable for the ashtanga yogi.

Our good friend Kathy will be in Portland in under a week. Many of you have let me know you are coming. Please continue to do that and at this point every class is open. I will let you know if they begin to fill up. She agreed to add Wednesday night and Saturday Mysore to her schedule. Friday morning at 7-9AM will be special as well so please try to attend.. This event will be a great opportunity to get some intimate teaching time with her. Thanks Kathy.

See you all soon and often, Casey

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