New Years info

Hello Friends and Happy New Year!

New Years Day yoga is “unsupported” practice at 10AM- after, at Noon I’d like to meet at Peet’s on 15th and Broadway to celebrate the New Year!
Let me know if you need more info-

Posted her is the “Official” version of the 2012 Near East Yoga schedule including 2012 moon days.
The moon days are determined by the moon rise in Portland, Oregon. This is also precisely corroborated by the iCal app for Mac. Keep in mind that these dates might be different from your home calender but true to Portland.

The new schedule also reflects the best times for folks not familiar with our community to engage the studio when support is available. I note it as being “Official” because the unofficial times require a certain effort to engage
in which the uninitiated find confusing and possibly daunting.

The times have not abruptly shifted from what you are accustomed but do reflect the “spaces” when I get my practice in and the studio gets cleaned. For those that need it, the studio is always open for practice during times not posted.

Following this email are my observations and reflections on 2011 and ideas for 2012 at Near East Yoga- Thanks for a great year!



PS- New Years Reflection

After failing to keep my words to a few lines and discarding two long winded drafts I will keep it to a few things-

Thanks Guruji, I think of you everyday.

Thanks Dennis, Kathy for the life of works and teachings you have shared with me and the community at Near East Yoga.

Thanks Sarahji and Dena for supporting me and the Near East Yoga Community. You service is wanted, needed and appreciated.

Thanks to all the good people who “authorize” me with your presence. I’d be a lesser person without your acceptance of my service.

I’m excited to be practicing, learning and sharing the yoga. My hope is you are as well.

I’m looking forward to the sutra study group, having Kathy visit in May, Keith Dowman in June and Narasimhan and Jayashri in July.

I’m inspired by all the young folks (babies too!) and old folks getting into ashtanga yoga. May Near East Yoga continue to support all degrees of yoga practice.

May each of you deepen and grow your practice and may it reveal something new and revolutionary.

May your joy increase and your sorrows decrease.

May your work in yoga bring benefit to all beings.

Peace in 2012.

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