Practice Opportunities at Near East Yoga

Mysore Ashtanga Yoga plus a few led classes and lots of chanting are always happening at Near East Yoga. With 3 led classes a week, all suitable for the regular vinyasa practitioner, its easier to connect to the method and become confident doing the work of the Mysore classes. Mysore classes offer lots of teacher support for the new user. Overall its a regular practice that offers all the benefits.

Check out the flier posted below for a break down of the weekly offerings. I’m trying out a new design program and this installment is simply practice.I have been making fliers for nearly two years now and find I really enjoy it. Soon I’ll be integrating the look of the website into my fliers and be able to get information out to you all about the dynamic scene that is flourishing in our community.

I want to point out that the Broadway Building where Near East Yoga is located has grown into a sweet space as well. Our neighbors Trip the Dark have put on a few great shows since they moved in and are very professional and polished company. Capoeira Angola is rocking their own version of chanting and practice. The main teacher Leon just returned from training in Brazil and is holding some powerful energy there. We have new neighbors in 202, they are making art and showing it 2-3 times a week. We are all welcome to have a look. Add in the good vibes coming from the community at McConnell Boxing, the kind folks at Cotton Cloud Futon and good old Near East Yoga we have a full and vibrant community. I’m really happy to be in this space and be getting to share it with everyone.

See you soon and often- Casey

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