November Moon Day and Notes

Greetings to everyone and happy rainy season.

Wednesday November 11th is the New Moon and there will be no Mysore classes offered.

The Led 1/2 Primary at 7:30PM will still be offered.

With the rains returning, It feels good to see the forests at rest after such a long hot, dry spring/summer. I feel the cold as a blessing for us all and hope the snows come to the mountains often to feed the spring growth. The pending dormancy of winter has already been punctuated by the familiar early holidays and the correction to natural time with the end of Daylight Savings. Tomorrow is the New Moon and by the return of the Full Moon, it will be Thanksgiving. Time flies it seems even if the Soul longs to linger.

The question comes up as to what path can we take that serves and supports us in the ever changing world of forms and allows for what Patanjjali calls “tada drashtu svarupe vastaanam’ or being able to surf the wave of change while remaining clear and present with a sense of enjoyment and liberation?

Regular yoga practice can offer a two-fold benefit since to be alive, we must keep moving but also guide that movement in a way that allows us to at least steer our expression of the form world to include positive outcomes, while at the same time, feel a sense of spaciousness that comes from being clear about what we see arising and working to continually abide within it.

Just a reminder, a yoga practice need not include 3rd Series and last 3 hours to bring us to the aforementioned state. One hour, with rest and meditation can certainly be the right amount of practice. Taking our time in general can be the best opportunity to reflect accurately the changing experience of this season and all it has to offer, to remain in equanimity and take in the slow ride of change in a world that seems to fly by.

So for those of you who are in need of a slow practice, a familiar practice, get back on the mat soon and move your form, breathe in the air and take refuge in the warmth of a dedicated environment. Allow yourself to get up a little earlier to find your center as the sun arrises. Or work out your day and cap it for the evening with a moderately paced journey through the familiar Ashtanga Yoga sequence. You will be , like the rains that feed the spring trees and grasses, preparing the positive ground for your future biological self and be feeling great today at the same time.

See you soon and often, Casey

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