Sunday Full Moon and Evening Yoga Sutra Discussion

Sunday, January 8th 2012 is the full moon. Near East Yoga will be closed for morning yoga practice.

The Yoga Sutra Study group will meet at 5-7PM. Please take a look over the first 11 sutras of the first pada prior to the meeting.

If you have not come to the prior meetings that’s fine- we are moving slowly and you will be quickly brought up to speed.

Everyone who came to the 2nd meeting was given a hand-out of the yoga sutra with devanagri and roman transliteration.
Be sure to bring that. If not I have more. We will be adding definitions to some of the sanskrit words.

If you came to the 1st meeting you were given a “ritual object”- please bring it or bring one of your choosing.
If you don’t have one that’s OK too. We will be doing a fun exercise where we play around with getting to know and understand what
“modifying” (vritti) the mind (chitta) looks like so we can recognize it for ourselves.

See you Sunday and before. Casey

PS- The Friday group primary at 7AM gets a good sized group- if you like that sort of energy, please join in.

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