Kathy Cooper at Near East Yoga May 2nd thru 20th

Dear Friends,

It’s great a pleasure to announce Kathy Cooper’s 3rd consecutive year visiting and teaching Mysore classes at Near East Yoga. This is a rare opportunity to have a senior teacher in our lineage offer Mysore classes at all (most teachers do a three day weekend which requires years to get to know them) In this case she’s with us for 3 weeks. Kathy brings wealth knowledge that only years of personal experience stemming directly from her extensive time with Sri K Pattbhi Jois, 25 years as a Waldorf Teacher, mother and lifetime practitioner of Ashtanga Yoga can bring. Many of you have an already deeply developed relationship with her while others will be meeting her for the first time. In my experience with Kathy I have found her to make fast connections with people and quickly bring out a subtle concept in the yoga that remains personal and teachable long after she has moved on to other great yoga venues and makes it completely worth the cost of tuition. Here way of expressing herself alone is a teaching on yoga. I have always felt a deeper connection to why I practice after my time with her. I want that for all of us. Other well known teachers in our lineage hold Kathy in the highest esteem. The term “real deal” often comes up when people speak of her. Keep in mind that the community of Near East Yoga is hosting Kathy in Portland. For that reason I have made the price low for people in the community as the cost is something we will all share to bring her here. I hope you will take advantage of this auspicious moment that comes each May at Near East Yoga. Thanks Kathy for the grace of your presence and teaching.

Here are the details. All the classes are with Kathy and require an RSVP.

$75 dollars- pick ten classes. add $7.50 per class >10. OR
$10 dollars per class if under 8 classes OR
$20 dollars per class if you are visiting from outside the NEY community.

Cut and paste the schedule below and return it to neareastyoga@gmail.com with an X next to the classes you plan to attend.

If it fills up I will add classes. Make all payments in cash please before May 1st.
The “*” denotes a “non-fee” class but feel free to donate to Kathy if you like and an RSVP would be helpful.

May 1st, Sunday. 11AM Meet and greet with Kathy Potluck (a tradition at this point) after the regular Mysore class (this is not a “class” so there is no fee) bring something yummy.

May 2nd, Monday, New Moon, No Classes

May 3rd, Tues, 8-10AM
May 4th, Wed 530-730PM
May 5th, Thurs 8-10AM and 530-730PM
May 6th Fri 9-11AM and 530PM Kathy discusses yoga topics tba. No asana practice and open to everyone*
May 7th Sat 9-11AM

May 9th Monday 530-730PM
May 10th Tues 8-10AM
May 11th Wed 530-730PM
May 12th Thurs 8-10AM
May 13th Friday 9-11AM
May 15th Sunday 9-11AM and 430PM Women’s Forum, Topics tba, Younger children allowed. No Dudes*

May 16th Monday 9-11AM
May 17th Tuesday Full Moon, No classes
May 18th Wed 530-730PM
May 19th Thurs 9-11AM
May 20th Fri 7AM Kathy leads group primary then leaves us for California.

Thanks everyone for your help in making this happen. Casey

PS- The studio will be open regular hours while Kathy is here so you will have plenty of opportunity to get you practice in if you cant make it to her classes

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