Kathy Cooper Update


We are in the final week of our time with Kathy. It’s unbelievable how the time flown.

As a favor to me so I can take a couple mornings off Kathy has agreed to offer an additional class on Wednesday morning plus the final 3 that were scheduled. Here are the details.

Kathy’s remaining classes –
Wednesday at 9AM and 530PM
Thursday at 9-11AM
and sadly her final class is the group primary on Friday at 7AM.

For this week only! Unscheduled and unsupported times.
Wednesday and Thursday are open unsupported practice prior to 9AM.
Friday post 9AM is open and unsupported. Join Kathy for a bon voyage breakfast after the group primary. Location tba.

Thanks Kathy for a great 3 weeks. I’m looking forward to our next time together already.


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