Expanded and Revised Schedule

Hey there,

The schedule posted below is the revised 2011 Near East Yoga practice times.

The schedule posted in the side bar is in need of an update and the schedule you see here is in effect immediately.

The fee’s have not changed. Thanks for the support.

Tuesday at 7am is still Progressive Pranayama. I will be offering a catch-up class soon. Please inquire if you are interested.

Friday at 7am is still Group Primary.

Mysore practice is again possible during each of the group classes and you can begin your practice at a time that suits your schedule.

Note that all morning practitioners are requested to begin by 9AM and all evening practitioners begin by 6PM.

The unsupported times are not posted so check with me if you want to come to them.

Folks new to Near East need to schedule their first class with me. Call the number in the side bar.

Peace and Thanks, Casey

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