First Day of Fall Message 

Greetings Friends, Happy first day of Autum or Fall. Today the sun will set on the western line and continue to progressively receed southward until the Winter Solstice. About 3 months from now. As a life-long star-gazer, understanding the path of the regional celestial bodies has fascinated and often escaped me. I have always held … Read more

Upcoming Workshops 

 Check out the website for details on these upcoming October workshops. Both are open to everyone and utilize different aspects of how we approach the use of the state of being called “yoga” in the way we move and perceive our bodies and the natural environment.     

Fall Intro Starts Tonight! at 730pm. 

Its not to late to join in! Come just prior to the start time and settle in. The first night is open to anyone with an interest. I’ll be offering a constructive concept of yoga and its practice that easy to understand and put to use.  See you soon and often!   

Labor Day Yoga

Bothe morning and evening Mysore classes are happening tomorrow–  join Melissa AM and PM. She’s  fresh from a week-long adjustment clinic with Nancy Gilgoff (one of the first women students of Sri K Pattabi Jois and good friend of Kathy Cooper). It’s going to be so awesome I’m considering going twice in one day Yay … Read more

Open Practice All Morning Thursday July 22nd 

Open practice times are for the dedicated self starter. Sometimes there are no supporting teachers to hold the space so we rely on our memory and discipline to carry us through. Today is one of those days. If you need to know the access info for the space please text 503-890-2212. Be sure to include … Read more

Summer Classes!!!

Happy Summer everyone- On Wednesday I’ll be off on my yearly birthday pilgrimage to the Oregon Country Fair and a few days in the woods.  I’ll be back on the 16th.  All classes are happening with only a couple changes to the weekday start times. Early starts are ok!  Please introduce yourself to the instructor … Read more