First Day of Fall Message 

Greetings Friends,
Happy first day of Autum or Fall. Today the sun will set on the western line and continue to progressively receed southward until the Winter Solstice. About 3 months from now. As a life-long star-gazer, understanding the path of the regional celestial bodies has fascinated and often escaped me. I have always held the common human condition of wonder and often awe, regarding the night sky, or any time of day the moon, sun and earth align to be observed and then contemplated, in goupings i can feel included in as another divine body. This may be my entire purpose for being here and as those objects that help create me are revealed as agents in my condition to be in alignment with.

When I can, I like to be skygazing in Alaska ( a place I visit often) and a place that reveals the Sun in a way that causes landmarks, like rivers, clouds and mountains, to be propped up in magnificient display, both in darkness and daylight, often leaving a trail in the mix of the aurora borreal, that colors the mind in an unescapable way, somehow leaving the seer inescapably and profoundly altered.

We all seem to like this effect caused by seeing things revealed in the light and dark alike, by a magnitude that tests our comprehension, bringing about a sense of being escatically moved and simlutaneosly and stratospherically revealed as an equally vast sense of existing within our own skin and knowlege of “I am”. We need to discover a big space like this, to have this realtionship with the celestial-self the one we find one within and without, in the space where thought-objects become managable in time, place and form, where the breath that moves the bodies of the cosmos, the breath of the magnetism that unifies the orbs of our exstice, the breath plays that out in our very birth, life, death and beyond is an observable quailty and one that serves to reflect our deepest sense of being.

Yoga teachings and practice have been an integral part in enjoying the play of the celestial kalidescope and knowing my place in it. The ancients were certainly as curious and even more so due to the fact they had to invent or intuit instrumentation to acertain much of what I can glean reading a wikipedia article in an hour. Doing the practice and refining the lense is unavoidable and the question still remains of how to and who will accomplish the conditon of clear-seeing in this state of a hightened mangitude of technolgy and rapid access to information that we exist in today. Across the ages, nothing can replace the day to dusk, to night, to dawn experience of watching nature unfold before our very eyes, completely without any controls besides the cultivated state of being open, aware and at ease.

This is what I wish for everyone who takes on the study and practice of yoga- that each of us remembers to hold on to the past qualities of the ancients that remain latent in our ordinary human awareness by simply using their skill to watch the passing of the celestial realm in playfulness and wonder, to possibly pause for a moment, someplace overlooking the world, hold thier gaze on a point where the sky and horizon meet, afix thier concentration to all the elements, connect the hearts pulse to the Great Breath and remain present to observe our Star in paralax as the ground beneath them turns in the space that all celstial bodies do thier dance, the place where we know that subtle realm of breath and observing for ourselves with out fear or question.

Shanti Shanti

Thank you for taking the time to read this- please check out the fliers attached about upcoming workshops. Everyone is invited.

See you soon and often,