A New Look for NearEastYoga.com

Thanks for checking out “The New, Revised and Updated” version of neareastyoga.com. Like past incarnations of of this url, my intention is to reflect something of what drives our community and what it might be like to engage in the sadhana or practice as we do.

“Where to begin” is a question many visitors curious about ashtanga yoga have, so Near East Yoga offers different aspects of yoga through posture, song and collaboratve inquiry. With the help of lineage, teachers and each other, we make a unique offering to to the greater yoga community and I for one am really proud of what we have accomplished together. There is always room for another pilgrim, may they feel ever welcome.

The information on the website and its general look are intended to offer you easy access to the daily schedule and class offerings, while showing a few aspects of the warm and inviting environment where dedicated yogis are exploring what classical yoga practice has to offer and how to share this with each other and the world.

A big thanks goes out to my prior web designers. The Sunburst with Crow logo is hardly being replaced and will be availble as the vintage Near East Yoga icon, that for me reflects the time we have shared thus far, what we have learned and this moment of transformation.

The new logo and design, pared down and earthier, mirroring the asthetic palate of a one-room shool-house, presenting lineage teachings,still sports the watchful crow in flight, and includes underlaying vibe of the Devanagari version of the Patanjali Invocation, reflecting what I seek to hold space for at Near East Yoga.

The medicine of ashtanga yoga has opened me up to seeking expaded offeringing such as song circles, philosophy dialogues and continued silent, supported group practices of vinyasa krama and to honor the legacies that support the powerful fruit of a dedicated yoga practice.

Thank you Wahkeena Sitka for the new look and helpful overhaul of my words. She does the best work and helped me so much. It was great getting to know her as well.

Thank you Brian McDonnell for the artfully lush photos reflecting me and the space in an intimate way that captures the essence of what lives and thrives within those walls.

As it goes I’ll be updating the site to include answers to old questions and what the creative muses irresistibly call forth in me.

Thanks for all your support.

See you soon and often. Casey

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