Jayashree and Narasimhan- Back in Portland!

Hello and Welcome to the 3rd visit of our teachers Dr. MA Jayashree and Professor MA Narasimhan.

They travelled all the way from Mysore, India and Portland is their first stop on a 20 city American Tour. We are lucky to have them for 4 days. Come to all the sessions you can. We can work out any details then.

All the sessions are at Near East Yoga. All the sessions are scheduled for 1.5 hours leaving room for some social time after. Pay when you arrive, preferably in cash. Although there is plenty of space, please RSVP as a courtesy. The idea is to be simple in design and save the complexities for the dharma discussion. The teachers will be on a stage with microphones so everyone can see and hear and be free to ask questions or otherwise contribute.

The intention of the “seminar schedule” is to one, offer an entire program that fills both the needs of Patanjali Yoga Sutra aspirants and those interested in “India Studies” or of course, both and make sure our teachers feel rested and vital for each session. The Mysore classes before the evening session will end at or before 7PM. Please adjust your schedule for this week only.

Again, come to all the sessions you can. Being influenced by authentic teachers is such a great benefit for us all.

Cheers, Casey


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