Important Summer Changes

Please Read- the end relates some schedule changes.

Dear Friends,

Today is the Solstice and yesterday was the new moon. Both these coincidal events are auspicious, celestial occurrences and warrant celebration and exploration. The new moon is traditionally a good time to begin (or end) something and the Solstice marks the brightest point in the heliosphere, in this case illuminating the renewal. Since I have been quiet with email lately I’d like to share the news and point toward the future and talk about renewal and celebration.

June 14th marked the 10th year of Near East Yoga. I have a party in mind but my focus has been on other things and this season makes it difficult to have a party that can include all of us. So we will be celebrating during the Vernal Equinox instead. There are so many people to include and thank that I simply could not live up to my own standards if it were to happen next week. Throwing an important event like this takes a lot of time and people’s input. I will not be able to do it alone so I’m pushing it back to a more suitable time. In September, with the help of you all, I am throwing party with wine, food, music and entertainment. The details for that party will be available soon.

Instead- and in the fashion with which I like to roll, we will be meeting at that glamourous locale, The New 715 Inn, in the truest Portland spirit, to crack a PBR together at 730PM on Friday the 29th of June. Yes, after all these years, it’s time we enjoyed that fine establishment. We will then be free to haunt a more suitable location and continue enjoy our evening. Suggestions for that place are welcomed. Please join me.

With the change in season I’m making a temporary change in the schedule. Because of the longer days Im shifting the morning times, by one hour only on Tuesday and Thursday to 8-10AM. I need more time in the morning and most folks are coming in then anyway. This change goes into effect next week and will last until September. Everyone is still welcome at 7AM or earlier if that suits them.

This Friday Ngan is leading the group primary at 7AM. She’s awesome so please give her some support. All the weekend classes are the same, Sarahji on Saturday and Liza and Meghan on Sunday. Monday morning class is “Open Practice”.

Im going to Alaska tomorrow night to go to my grandmothers high school reunion with her. It’s also my high school reunion. 35 years a part. If you do the math on that I will relate the story that goes with it.

For now this is all but lots of cool things are in the works so stay tuned and as always yoga is cool. But only in practice. In theory, there’s no benefit.

See you all soon and often. Happy Solstice. Casey

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