Winter Holiday Schedule 2012/13

Dear Friends,

Starting today it’s winter and the holiday season is suddenly upon us. When I think of the next two weeks, and what’s planned to transpire, I need to remember to pace myself. With Christmas on Tuesday and Friday a full moon, followed by New Years Eve and day, by the time a week from Wednesday rolls around, I could be totally wiped out. So I’m keeping that in mind while I venture out to embrace the winter world of delight we all offer each other during this special time. The studio will be open all the days, excluding the moon, for practice. The supported times are included at the end of this post.

The new year is bringing a lot of opportunity for me and all of us it seems, those especially who will be hosting the yoga while I’m away. In case you did not know, Kathy has invited me to teach for her in Sri Lanka for all of March and part of April. I depart, for a two week visit to India, on February 10th then go to Ashtanga Lanka. I’m doing many small but important activities that will help make my time away productive for me and you.

To our great benefit, Kathy will be teaching at Near East Yoga from March 15th to April 15th. Prior to this Sarahji, Dr Meghan Brinson and Johnny Hagg plus the perfect accompaniment by some of Near East Yoga’s silent teachers, will be holding the space and offering you support. Support will be needed all around though, don’t hesitate to ask how you can help out.

I’m giving a lot of thought to how Near East Yoga will manage while I am away. When I tally my daily efforts to make it work including my practice, your practice time, cleaning and clerical correspondence and other duties, it really adds up. So I’m going to streamline the distribution of time and energy a bit, make it easier to manage and keep the good energy going. Look for those concise details in a post Christmas email.

I dearly appreciate your support and look forward to what might happen next. Many folks are increasingly interested in cultivating a deeper understanding of yoga and have come together to have an informed conversation about its philosophy and practice. Im certainly feeling honored, empowered and grateful to execute my part on all of it. I have always believed it was you who vouched for me a teacher, rather than have it come from a distant source. So far so good. Everyone seems contented.

Sharing yoga and Near East Yoga with you is what I wanted to create when I first started out and my heart remains committed to supporting you so you get the most out of it. We have so much opportunity and I am happy that we give it our best attempt, regularly. Thank you for bringing your will to bare at Near East Yoga. it shows our collective and deep roots and the power of Ashtanga Yoga to cultivate those roots and is worth acknowledging and holding very high. The world might be heaven or haywire, still yoga serves. See you all soon I hope, and often.

Cheers, Casey

PS. Special Thanks to “team intro” and the “BHS Squad”, Lokanath, Kathyogini, Sarahji and Sweet Liza who departs for India for 6 months today. And always Guruji.

Saturday 9am Mysore.
Please arrive prior to the 9:15 Patanjali invocation.

Sunday 7am/ish open practice with 2nd Series intent.
9am Mysore. Please arrive prior to the 9:15 Patanjali invocation.

Monday 7am
West Coast 1/2 or full Primary. (Permanent Monday Class)

followed by 830-10am Mysore.

5:30pm No supported evening class. Please sign in if you practice.

Tuesday/Christmas no supported classes.

Wednesday and Thursday Normal Schedule

Friday Full Moon/ no classes. No practice.

Saturday 9am Mysore. Arrive before 915am Patanjali Invocation

Sunday 7am West Coast 2nd
9am regular Mysore

Monday 7am
West Coast 1/2 or full Primary. (Permanent Monday Class)

New Years Day. 9am West Coast Primary. Special Class.

Happy New Year. Look for other useful changes coming soon.

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