Winter 2013 Studio Update

The New Winter Schedule-

    Morning Classes

Saturday and Sunday Mysore: 9am-10:30am

Monday and Friday, Led Primary: 7am

Tuesday and Thursday Mysore: 8-9:30am

Wednesday Mysore: 7-8:30am

    Evening Classes

Monday through Thursday Mysore: 5:30-7pm

Dear Friends,

By this time next month, Near East Yoga and I will be gearing up for my 9-week departure to Asia. As you can imagine, I’m very excited to take this trip. I’m doing lots of footwork to keep Near East Yoga as we all like it to be, open, warm and well-supported. Your help in this aim can simply be offering your continued attendance. Yoga rooms full of people are a gift we give each other.

During the next 4 weeks, I’m going to be trying out a few new schedule ideas at Near East Yoga. They are simple and suitable to what we already do but require some explanation. They are open to change slightly as well. Your input is welcome.

Please view the attached schedule (pending) for posted class times and Moon Days in addition to what is posted here now.

Starting now, there are 2 led-primary classes a week, Monday and Fridays at 7am. Please arrive on time. Led classes have the effect of resetting the vibe at the studio by standardizing it. Based on the flow of people and variations in the flow, these classes will fit nicely, plus bring everyone together as a group. Meadow Goldman will be leading Mondays and Ngan Vo will be leading Fridays. Both Ngan and Meadow have new insights to share and I’m very grateful they are offering their support.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are going to a leaner Mysore window. Saturday and Sunday will remain as they are, starting at 9am with instruction ending at 10:30am. Keep in mind that arriving later than 9:15am to these classes is discouraged. Johnny Hagg will be supporting these classes. He’s got a great touch and I think everyone will appreciate what he brings to a yoga room.

The support of the evening classes, Tuesday through Thursday, will begin at 5:30pm and end at 7pm. Sarahji and Dr. Meghan will be supporting these times. The evening is such a special and magical time at Near East Yoga and the role of supporting it is as well.

The energy we offer our practice is personal and hard to come by. That you bring it to Near East Yoga is very special to me. My hope for the coming months is to see that fire banked and held fast.

Remember this as well. Kathy Cooper will be here to teach in March for a month. Becoming prepared for this time with teachers we know is a good way to spend the winter.

Cheers and thanks, Casey

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