Schedule Change

Hi There,

Happy Summer! Hope you are getting out and enjoying it and getting your practice in as well.

Friday has a schedule change for the remainder of summer- after the 7AM group primary (which has been hopping!! I love it), the 9AM time will be open practice time.

If you have questions about yoga, meditation or pranayama you can meet me at 9AM on Fridays. Letting me know about it in advance would be nice. I will be suggesting it to some of you. It’s always a good time to look deeper into the next stages of practice.

I have also been dedicating that time (and others) to my personal sadhana of reciting yoga sutra and other chants I have been connecting with over the years and am very open to sharing that time with you. I love reawakening my desire to know the yoga on that level. The study I have been undertaking of the yoga sutra this year has been revealing and very inspiring. Chanting it adds an entirely new element.

Make sure you say hello to the new sign board set up outside. I am really proud of Near East and the great energy you bring there. I’d like people to know we are there. If it works to inform more than a few I will put it away for a while.
I’m still a fan of the small group.

See you all soon and often. Casey

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