Open Practice for Memorial Day, Info Delivery, NEY Teachers.

Near East News: Memorial Day “Open Practice”, Info Delivery Systems, Yoga Teachers at Near East.

Memorial Day is one of a few holidays I go for “Open Practice”. The others fall on Christmas, Thanksgiving, July 4th and Labor Day. If you need special instruction on how to access Near East Yoga for “Open Practice” shoot me an email. If not, have at it. Please lock up, and blow out the candles if you are the last to depart.

Info Delivery, I’m always trying to think of the most efficient ways to let everyone know what new or different events are happing at Near East. Facebook, the website and email have been the trifecta for suitable delivery but I’d prefer to only use the website and Facebook. Facebook is best because it allows for a group conversation and is immediate. I avoid irrelevant and redundant posts due to the large amount of emails we all need to read and respond to.

Please add Near East Yoga into your news feed. That way you can receive immediate updates. I promise not to post what I had for lunch.

While I was gone and have since returned from Sri Lanka, the opportunity to include some great servants to the yoga has arisen. It’s a needed addition and follows in the line of many people who have both practiced and taught at Near East.

In July Sarah Jean Dombrowsky will be moving away- I’m sorry to loose her. She is an asset and will always be missed. She wont be far away though. After she gets settled in Salem she plans to join us for practice.

Melissa Pelletier has graciously agreed to pick up where Sarahji left off. Melissa has lots of warmth and presence to accompany her ever deepening skill set as a teacher and yogi. I’ve seen her grow and elegantly develop over the past few years and feel grateful that she wants to share her energy with our community.

Meadow Goldman and I have been splitting the 2 led classes on Monday and Friday. She has done a great job holding the space for nearly 6 months. It’s not an easy time to fulfill on but I think its an important one. I really want to keep the Monday class operative. It sets the tone so to speak for the week and acts as a starter for the Mysore experience. It thrives on being well attended. Hint Hint.

Johnny Haag will be hosting the Sunday Mysore class and I will either be practicing or working along side him. As a yogi and a teacher, Johnny has developed quickly and brings great energy to the yoga room. Chances are he will find bigger and brighter futures, but for now we are lucky to have his service at Near East Yoga.

All these additions and changes don’t mean to much concerning the over-all functioning of the studio and where the real location of yoga, in ourselves, abides. They do open me up to new opportunities to increase my vitality and that of Near East and the community. Supporting these teachers, the schedule and the space, makes our role easier. Thanks. As teachers we share yoga because we want to be close to the source and enjoy serving people. Beyond and individual, We as a group do Ashtanga practice in the morning and the evening. We take it seriously and make it a priority for ourselves. Near East Yoga reflects this element of personal responsibility, it’s open and vital and is a space for yogis to practice. It’s the gift we give each other and ourselves. Thanks again.

Enjoy the holiday weekend. Cheers, Casey

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