Near East Yoga June News Letter- with Postscipt 

You may have recieved my current news letter via Mail Chimp minus the closing remarks. Technological glitches aside, I hope have the time read the rest what I wrote. Cheers, Casey 
Near East Yoga, June 2015 News Letter
Dear Friends,  

June 2015 marks the 13th Anniversary of Near East Yoga. Thirteen is a powerful number. In this case, one cycle beyond the power of the container of time reflected by the Solar Zodiac expressed 12 times. Wow. All that plus one year reflective of the subtle, deep-energy that hosts the moon in its transits, one year a mirror of the revealed emotional-self , one year of turning the underside of the hearts desire toward the healing light, now finally coming to the surface and exposing what lies dormant or latent. Suddenly, Near East Yoga is now a teenager. Akin to the puberty of a life, my take on life and yoga is entering a transition stage where I feel clear, excited and energized but also mature, confident and reflective, ready for whatever comes next. 

Having felt an energetic shift, over this past year especially, and being more committed than ever to keep NEY going, I can say there were times I was unsure, that I wanted to give up and do something easier or less personal, to not feel that struggle to connect and inspire in a world of flash-mob, revolving-door yoga scenes that are full of good intentions but lack the groundedness that comes from staying the course until what needs to happen happens. The work required to stay on the path is hardly entertaining nor fleeting but as I am learning, very powerful and lasting. 
Now, the fruit I could never have conjured on my own grows from a stem in me I once thought to be a useless appendage or worse, something to be removed. This growth, the dark-side of the desire to become “someone” has transformed “me” simply into me, and has now become the reason I stayed with it all this time, to know myself. I needed the time and practice to find out who I was and live the life I was meant to live. Regarding changes I’ve been through, I could say “I can’t believe it” , but I can. I stood on that floor the entire time and worked with what arrose in me and am the better for it. It was not easy to either. But certainly rewarding. Certainly revealing. 
I’m blessed to have asked the Cosmos to bless me with insight to where I needed to be, where I should focus my energy, so I could continue to grow in this work and practice. My request was answered in a miriade of ways, some direct but mostly subtle. I started listening to my heart, doing what it said, listening to the teachings, doing what they said and having a history of that commitment build up behind me situations changed and I out-grew a lot of old ways of thinking and believing. New and inspired students began to appear, lasting students grew in powerful and life shifting ways, teachers continued to reappear, energies shifted to allow for new aspects of yoga practice to open up. Music came through me and I felt a second wind come on. 
As this new 12 year cycle gets its footing, I am afforded the great benefit of being clearly established on the path and solid enough to not turn away from what is coming. Mostly, the practice as we know it will remain the same, reliable and grounding, but the singing, the food the community, those parts will continue to grow and get better. This is what I wake up for everyday and I love it! 

Of all the aspects of sentiment I have tried to express over the years, for now, gratitude for having this yoga practice is what comes to mind. Thank you for being there as Near East Yoga has grown and changed. Without you, and your results and reflections, the growth and revelation that comes with yoga’s transformation would be less complete. We have shared a lot of milestones together and I look forward to more to come. Above all, I thank Guruji, who is the standard I set for all the teachers I have met, he who inspired me so much. When I most needed it, he was both a light and a teacher of how to be a light. For today, may we all shine as this light in our lives by his great gift of Ashtanga Yoga. May we all become the “teacher” we need in our lives.  
See you all soon and often, Casey