Full Schedule in Effect

Dear Friends,

I have successfully integrated back into Portland living. My jet lag seems to have equalized and the culture shock has faded.

A big thanks goes out to Randi for managing the studio while I was away. More thanks goes to Sarahji, Ngan, Meghan, Johnny, Meadow, Melissa P, and Kathy for holding space for the practice and to Robin F for keeping the plants alive and the floors clean.

Look to see these folks helping out as it goes. This time away allowed for many folks to come forward and I want to keep them forward. The whole community was in my heart and sometimes, when I really needed it, I could call on that power. Thanks. Asia is hard and wonderful. This time changed me in ways that can’t be expressed in words.

The big news now is – The old schedule is back in effect.

I look forward to seeing you early birds at 7am every morning this week and the night-owls in the evening.

Monday and Friday are still Group Primary at 7am. There is a chance I will extend Monday to Mysore after the led if there is interest.

T-W-Th Mysore class starts at 7am as before. Early starts are fine for trained Ashtangi’s.

Saturday and Sunday class starts at 9am. Please arrive on time or early. I am discouraging later start times for the spring and summer. Being there for the chant is what I’m hoping for.

The evening Mysore classes, Monday thru Thursday , start at 530pm. Again, early starts are fine. Look for me, Sarahji and Melissa P leading the classes.

I’m looking forward to sharing the yoga time with you. I feel rested and inspired from my trip.

If you have any questions about what early start means or when the next Sutra Study or 3 Week Intro begins just ask. As I get more comfortable being home I will develop those programs.

See you all soon. Casey


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