Full Moon, Yoga Sutra, Mat Purge.


Tuesday February 7th is the Full Moon and Near East Yoga will be closed.

Sunday, February 12th, 5-7PM, is the next meeting of the Yoga Sutra Discussion. My objective is to briefly review a few concepts we have covered then move into sutras 1.12 and 1.13.
I also want people to share some examples of how this info is working out for people in daily life. As the meetings progress I’d like to see them become more of a “philosophical potluck”. So keep that in mind and bring us an anecdote to share.

****This section deals directly with mat storage issues- please read*****

Many of you keep your mat at Near East Yoga- with Ashtanga Yoga being a daily
practice it’s better to not travel with them and I don’t mind storing them. If you are there most days
please continue to store your mat in the place provided. Here are a few guideline to consider.

Please store your mat and rug separately. Folded rugs can be placed on the top and adjacent shelf.
Placing your mat in a bag helps to keep it from unrolling on the shelf and helps you find it.
Write you name on your mat so I know they have an owner.
Taking a moment to roll your mat and storing it properly leaves room for more mats.

Last word on mats-

****If your mat is at Near East Yoga and you are not, your mat will get gifted to a fellow yogi, donated to charity or become a house mat****

Call, Email or text if you think you have abandoned a mat and want it back.- Soon.

Thanks Casey

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