Patanjali Now! Working Syllabus

Hi Everyone,
Please feel welcome to join the first session of Patanjali Now! to see if its a good fit. And mark you calendars for the pending sessions. Remember there is a make up session every Friday at 9am
As I prepare for September 19th’s opening session I am growing in excitement working with this information.  Thinking about holding space and time for such an event makes me realize both that I cherish these teachings and to take on learning them is a powerful moment, not one to be wasted, cursory or trivial. A lot of ground we cover will lead to a developing understanding of how to work with Patanjali in our lives. There is much to said for a simple list that can quite convey what we are about to embrace- we need more than anything a few good visits to solidify our view.
Patanjali Now! Class Schedule
7pm Tuesday September 19th New Moon
Opening Session introductions resources, sketching future inquiry with sound. 

11am Sunday September 24th
A brief layout of classical yoga and theory paired with contemporary examples and anecdotes.
w/ Resources, Chanting Practice and Meditation/Discussion 
7pm Tuesday September 26th 
Resources, Chanting Practice and Meditation/Discussion 
11am Sunday October 8th 
Patanjali, Past and Present : Classical Patanjali and the 21st Century Yogin.
Tuesday October 10th 7-830PM
Resources, Chanting Practice and Meditation/Discussion
11AM Sunday October 15th
Art, Song, Story and How to remember the Teachings 
7PM Tuesday October 17th Tuesday 
Chanting Practice and Meditation/Discussion
11AM Sunday October 22nd
It’s all in our hands- The Number 5 in Yoga Philosophy
7pm Tuesday October 24th
Resources, Chanting Practice and Meditation/Discussion
7PM Tuesday November 7th
Resources, Chanting Practice and Group? Meditation/Discussion
11AM Sunday November 10th 
Ashtanga Yoga and the 9th Limb, working with  24/7 yoga 
Tuesday 7pm  November 14th
Resources, Chanting Practice and Group Mediation/Discussion
11am Sunday November 19th 
Closing Session, Chanting, Meditation, Group Discussion