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Thanks for checking in with the Near East Yoga website. Many people have heard of Mysore Style Ashtanga Yoga and express interest in experiencing the self-paced, instructor supported vinyasa method. I’d like to personally invite you to come check out for yourself this special opportunity to go a bit deeper into your own practice.

It takes a lot of courage to encounter a new yoga studio and method. We may be new to yoga or may love our current class and teacher, yet still may experience a sense of something hidden or undiscovered. We know what we seek to connect directly to is there but just under the surface. If only we had a chance to work out for ourselves, the finer points and the rougher ones too, we will cross that inner barrier, where personal fulfillment of what yoga practice classically offers arrises from within us leaving the outer source to fade. Ultimately, this what we are really looking for- the view of things as the Universal Self and an abiding sense of being rather than doing.

This is what the ancient yoga teaches us, how to get established within and begin and sustain a relationship with our Self. A relationship of this kind is entirely personal and again, requires a lot of courage. Do you feel the draw toward taking more of the initiative in your own transformation? Do you want to be more prepared to meet your inner teacher and also more equipped to discern who the outer teacher is? The Mysore Method might be what you are looking for.

Near East Yoga is a place where you can take your time working out what you need within your practice. I offer instruction in the method and support in understanding and applying the theory. With 15 years of practice and study I know that real yoga instruction and result is an inside job. All the instruction and support you need to keep going is offered but there are only a few led classes so the talking is kept to a minimum. With just a little time and effort you can begin to experience the contentment that comes with the self paced method.

Cheers, see you soon and often. Casey


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