Acro Yoga Sunday Night, Moonday Tuesday, Traveling teachers visit NEY, Mini-Trip for Casey

Hi There,

Attached to this email is a flier for Jacob’s upcoming Acro Yoga preview for his workshop at Breightenbush in October . It’s on Sunday from 4-6. He has been traveling the world for a year learning all kinds of new stuff do do check it out. These events are very fun and I wish I was around to enjoy this one. Your non-ashtanga friends and family will love it.

Tuesday September 27th is the new moon and Near East Yoga will be closed.

On Wednesday the 28th following the 5:30PM Mysore class a couple who has been traveling the US by bike will be teaching an impromptu yoga class at NEY. It’s based on donations which I believe help them continue their odyssey. Check out for details on what they are up to and definitely stick around for the class. I am sure they have plenty of stories to tell and insights to share after coming from the east coast by bike. Stephen and Jacob will be the hosts for this event. Tell your friends!

I am going out of town early Sunday Morning with Lily (Napa, family time, Wine tasting) and will be away till Thursday’s Mysore class. The studio is open for practice but the Monday and Wednesday morning instruction will only be from 8-10 AM. Sarahji, Dena and Allyson will be covering for me. Thanks you guy’s. One day is a moon day so It wont seem like I was gone at all.

Enjoy the last days of summer and be enchanted by the ever shrinking circle of light. The Fall will soon burst forth with all our sweaters and pies. Peace, Casey

PS- Dena will be coming on to support Thursdays at 9AM and Sarahji will be moving to Wednesday night. With luck we will have Dena one other day as well. I am really happy to have such able people supporting the studio and my personal practice.

PPS- If I signed Near East Yoga up to be on a bowling league would any of you be interested? Haha, I hope so. Im thinking Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday night and Grand Central or Hollywood.

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