Eclipse Notes and Special Schedule

Greetings and Welcome Thanks for taking the time to read up on Near East Yoga Please Sign-in for all practices, it helps to keep the studio running smoothly!!  PCC is coming to Near East Yoga!! Patanjali Now! starts Tuesday September 19th  There’s a total eclipse of the sun happening nearby, on Monday… in case you … Read more

Patanjali Now! Working Syllabus

Hi Everyone, Please feel welcome to join the first session of Patanjali Now! to see if its a good fit. And mark you calendars for the pending sessions. Remember there is a make up session every Friday at 9am As I prepare for September 19th’s opening session I am growing in excitement working with this … Read more

notes on the pending Patanjali Now! workshop

I am honored and excited to be offering this course on the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali from September 19th to November 19th, 2017.   For the yogi of any school, the YSoP is a central text in the cannon of study and deserves attention and application. If we are really seeking to know what we … Read more

Patanjali Intensive Starts September 19th

Patanjali Now! A Yoga Sutra Intensive – $285 dollars Tuesday’s and Sunday’s September 19th to November 19th 2017.  Spend an interactive 8 weeks with Patanajli First Class- Tuesday September 19th- Introductions, Chanting, Philosophy, Discussion   A special rate of $95 dollars extra includes daily Mysore practice for one month. Tickets can be purchased here OR, mail a … Read more