Friday the 12th Bhajan!

The last Friday Bhajan was so amazing I’m making it a regular event. Every 3 weeks or so. If you want to sing a song or read a poem please let me know by the day of the event. My intention is to offer anyone who has a desire to contribute that opportunity. Holding space … Read more

Bhajan and Potluck  Friday May 22nd 7PM

I’m excited to host a night bhajan with some of the great friends I’ve made singing these past few months. Thanks to everyone who’s coming together to make this happen, you know who you are!!   

Growing a Personal Yoga Practice

After 20+ years of teaching and studying yoga, at some point everything, meaning the stuff of the objective realms, became an aspect of my yoga practice. From the raw material of the five elements to the coalesced form of a technological marvel like an iPhone, to the pure-nature of an iris blooming in the spring … Read more