The Authentic Teacher Abides Within

My prior post was so satisfying, for all the reasons I mentioned within it, that I’ve gone and started a trend for myself. I’ll be posting at least every week and be including a word from many (all eventually) of the fine yogis of Near East Yoga, as it goes. If you want to offer … Read more

A new twist for the Near East Yoga website

Dear Friends, Greetings via a step away from Facebook. I’m going to be using the valuable but some times confounding tool of social media while focusing my attention on my website and attempting to deliver better and more salient content that serves the Near East Yoga community. For many years I would write a monthly … Read more

In case of Snow!!

The studio will remain open for anyone who can get in to practice. I plan to come in irrespective of the weather but in case that can’t happen due to sheet ice or blocked roads, feel free to call me, 503-890-2212, and I will instruct you on how to open the street door and the … Read more