Spring is here

Greetings Near East Yoga Community-

I hope all is well and this early spring sunshine is raising your spirits. We are feeling the effects of climate change for sure. I can say the weather is not acting like anything I can remember and being in the same place for some time, I now see our lifestyle changing in certain ways that just a few years back I could not have imagined. As we see more of the sun in our daily lives, our habits for taking inside time also changes. Taking this time for the much needed inner work of pranayama, asana and spiritual contemplation can take a back seat to getting out on our bikes or working in the garden. Keep in mind that what is happening in the climate is more similar to June than March and be cautious about letting go of the deep prana connection derived from a steady asana practice. That said, get that garden going and pump up the bike tires. Part of yoga is to enjoy life after all, as long as we attend to what keeps us whole rather than become distracted. Stay current with your practice to keep the pranic force of the body  in alignment.

Here are a few notes for your consideration regarding class schedules and other offerings.

Effective immediately, Thursday nights class will be held from 5-7pm, Mysore only. This means no led class.  New people are encouraged to come at 6pm. Old students can come earlier or later than the posted times with some exceptions. See me for details.

Saturday Mysore classes begin at 8:30am and are followed by a Bhajan at 11am.

Friday the 3rd of April is the Full Moon and Saturday April 18th is a New Moon and  Near East Yoga will be closed to asana practice.

On Friday the 3rd at 9am, please join in a one time, special, Kalachakara exploration.

This exploration is part of a field trip to be held later in April to witness the construction of an authentic Tibetan sand mandala close by in Washington. Stay tuned for details.

Please email me with any questions or needs. Serving this community and the lineage of yoga we have available to us is my passion and I continue to derive great joy from holding space for you.


See you soon and often, Casey