Early December at Near East Yoga

Greetings Everyone,

Here are a few notes about whats happening at Near East Yoga
in next couple weeks.

Monday and Wednesday 7pm Led Primary w/Martina
This session is open to anyone with vinyasa experience. The class time is geared toward the needs of folks who feel better with an evening practice, those new to the yoga who want extra guidance  and the house-holder.

New Moon, Thursday December 10th No asana classes this day. 
One of the elegant teachings of Sri K Pattabhi Jois, refraining from asana in accordance with the moon cycle, opens the mind and body to an awareness of the Great Breath that supports the movements of all celestial bodies including our own. Take this time for rest and contemplation.

Thursday 7pm Bhajan Sing-A-Long is still happening, bring a snack, bring a friend, bring your voice!

These sessions draw friends and guests from around the region and the local Dharma community and have a special energy of their own. With a sizable group to draw upon, we share many songs and ideas about how the yoga and practice are affecting us and what we are bringing the world from the roots of our personal devotion. Come and check in with us and get revitalized in your heart. It’s the best thing we can do for ourselves, each other and the world, to sing in harmony and look for this in our day. Who knows how deep these session go to bringing peace to the world.

Sunday, December 13th, Somatic Integration w/Dora
noon-3pm $35 dollars

This workshop is the 3rd installment from our friend Dora titled “Liberation Practice: Somatic Approaches for Whole Beings”. This offering could be considered a center-piece of why we practice yoga therapy like the vinyasa krama at all, by removing established boundaries and offering the yogi a place to freely play with the body form. The Somatic approach employs the natural relationship of seer and seen and develops the body-mind motions to a place where form and function originate allowing the yogi access to the Divine location where the two intersect and abide. Please read the attached flier and rsvp to doradances.wordpress.com/workshop