Bhagavad Gita Intensive Starts August 6th 11-1PM

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Hi everyone,

Just to reiterate the potency of this workshop, I will offer bit more perspective.

For one thing- It’s free. And needs to be free. There is nothing to buy and no status to be gained in the realm of the materiel for this workshop. These teachings go back further than our teachers, teacher and simply serve to transport the ego to it’s ultimate destination- the knowledge of the unadulterated original self.

The teacher is an Indian woman, Phd Ayurvedic doctor with a Masters degree in Bhagavad Gita and Sanskrit and has chanted it by heart since childhood.

The offering is pretty strong, all 700 hundred verses in proper meter, tune and enunciation, twice a month over 4 months. The in-between weeks will be practice and make up sessions, so everyone can participate.

Did you know the singing of this song reflects a higher math contained in the recitation that transcends even the meaning of the content? Read the Bhagavad Gita and you will see that the content is profound- after this recitation ends in November we will be set up to have our weekly discussion and have the original wave form of the Gita resonating in our hearts and minds.

For me, the host to a community of yogi’s, the importance of investing in the heritage teachings of classical yoga and uphold the tradition, make it available to the sangha, is the cornerstone of why Near East Yoga can be the place that it is. Contemporary yoga practices of the modern variety, while useful for all reasons we can see, tend to emulate and peak at the place where this sot of yoga begins. Because many contemporary yoga practices are divorced from the heritage connection, they rely on the method of exercising away the crazy mind, to cut its fruits off at the surface but never grasp the workings of how the mind-root can be explored and extracted. The Bhagavad Gita offers this insight and the methods for exploration simply by it’s intonation.

The concepts and practices of these heritage teachings is the method of esoteric exploration that can at once fulfill our desires while showing us the deeper meaning behind why we are drawn to yoga at all. Take this time to become renewed and established in this heritage teaching of classical yoga. You won’t be disappointed.

If you read this far, please RSVP in this forum. I’m making chai and prasad for the event and would like to know how many to plan for.

See you all soon and often- Casey