Saturday Open Practice.

March 1st is an open practice rather than a standard Mysore. This week only. I will be spending the day moving. Cheers. See you Sunday. Casey.

Monday AM Mysore time change

I’m taking tomorrow morning off (sort of sick) and Melissa is coming in from 8-10am in my place. If you need assistance entering the studio please call 503-890-2212 and I will help you. Have a great practice. Cheers. Casey All other classes are on as scheduled.

Monday night yoga is on!

Post-Snow Yoga is on tonight (Monday)- Mysore at 530pm and led class at 7pm. Tomorrow everything goes back to normal. See you AM folks in the morning.

Snow Update Feb 10

We are still snowed in it seems. Morning practice is open for anyone who can travel. Call 503-890-2212 if you need access. Studio is open all day for yoga. Evening classes are still on. See you there. Casey

Snow update Sunday, February 9th

Due to the unprecedented “travel alert” posted by the City of Portland Near East Yoga is “open practice” only. If you can get there you can practice. Call 503-890-2213 for details on how to access the building and studio.

Snow Update

I’m opening up for 530pm and will stay to see if anyone shows up. The 7pm class is cancelled. 7am Friday class is on, special led class. It’s ok to stay home and hibernate too. Cheers. Casey.

February at Near East Yoga

Here’s what’s happening in February at Near East Yoga Friday February 7th 7-8:30am “Special Guest Teacher” to lead Primary Series. We’ve met him before and it’s time to invite him back. Please arrive on time and ready to check in with a master teacher. Sunday February 9th 2-4pm Yoga Sutra and Patanjali Invocation just $10 … Read more