Thank You for supporting Near East Yoga!!


Supporting Subscription – $25

Near East Yoga accepts donations of any amount (see the field at the end of this page) or as a subscription of $25 dollars a month.

These funds go directly to paying the lease and keeping the door open for yogis who otherwise would not have a place to practice. Thank you for you thoughtful contribution! 

Drop In – $20

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One Month of Unlimited Mysore – $135

Unlimited Mysore classes include all classes for either a 30 day period or from the day practice begins until that day the following month. 

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One Month of Unlimited Mysore Subscription- $125

Save $10 by setting up auto-payment

Limited-Monthly Practice  Subscription- $95

“Limited” refers to 3 classes or fewer a week. 

Punch Cards

Punch-cards don’t expire but do get stale if unused.

10 class punch card- $150

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Recurring Payment

Recurring Tuitions
Choose from these options

Pranayama Tuition

6 months- $750

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12 months- $1200

Ask about special yearly rates. 

A great thanks to anyone paying in advance. You are making a huge contribution in keeping the tradition alive in Portland, Oregon.

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Near East Yoga accepts donations for free classes like Yoga Sutra and Bhajan. Thank you for your thoughtful contribution.