• Important Summer Changes

    Please Read- the end relates some schedule changes. Dear Friends, Today is the Solstice and yesterday was the new moon. Both these coincidal events are auspicious, celestial occurrences and warrant celebration and exploration. The new moon is traditionally a good time to begin (or end) […]

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  • Flower Share at Near East Yoga begins May 17th!

    This is a flier for the flower share coming to Near East Yoga- Thanks Anna for getting it going.

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  • Kathy Cooper Spring Workshop

    The unadvertised Mysore portion of this WS is posted below. An rsvp by email or by phone to Near East Yoga is required for all classes with the exception of the Friday dharma talk. Please feel welcome to bring friends to the dharma talk. Cash […]

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  • Patanjali Invocation talk and Kathy Cooper visit.

    Dear Friends, On Saturday from 11AM to 1PM, as part of the Ashtanga Yoga Immersion, I will be leading a short practice of the standing sequence followed by a introductory talk on the Patanjali Invocation. The talk will cover word definitions and my thoughts on […]

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  • Spring 2012 Intro to Ashtanga Immersion

    The objective of this 6-week immersion is to begin and sustain your own yoga practice. The results of this immersion will be the ability to safely remember and practice the method “by heart” on your own, or with direct supervision by a qualified instructor. Ashtanga […]

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  • Sutra Discussion, Casey Vacation, Support Schedule, Preview of 6 week immersion, notes.

    Hello, Near East Yoga is not accepting new practitioners until Tuesday March 6th. Sunday night sutra is on. Tomorrow 6 to 730. A shorter time, starts at sunset. More discussion on what we know thus far. See you then. Starting Monday morning I will be […]

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  • Full Moon, Yoga Sutra, Mat Purge.

    Hello! Tuesday February 7th is the Full Moon and Near East Yoga will be closed. Sunday, February 12th, 5-7PM, is the next meeting of the Yoga Sutra Discussion. My objective is to briefly review a few concepts we have covered then move into sutras 1.12 […]

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  • Ngondro Friday and Yoga Sutra Sunday

    Hello Friends, Following the Friday 7AM group primary I have been chanting and offering basic ngondro practice at 9AM. A few of you have learned it and can practice. Folks new to the rpactice are encouraged to join in if you have the chance. I […]

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