• Saturday Potluck, Abandoned Mat Purge

    Tomorrow, Saturday June 1st, is a impromptu, mini-potluck to welcome the pending summer energy. Bring a small dish to share or just your self. Randi is making chai. I am also doing the annual mat purge.I’ll start sorting them tomorrow and by the 15th if […]

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  • Open Practice for Memorial Day, Info Delivery, NEY Teachers.

    Near East News: Memorial Day “Open Practice”, Info Delivery Systems, Yoga Teachers at Near East. Memorial Day is one of a few holidays I go for “Open Practice”. The others fall on Christmas, Thanksgiving, July 4th and Labor Day. If you need special instruction on […]

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  • The 3 Week intro is back.

    Please RSVP to

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  • Full Schedule in Effect

    Dear Friends, I have successfully integrated back into Portland living. My jet lag seems to have equalized and the culture shock has faded. A big thanks goes out to Randi for managing the studio while I was away. More thanks goes to Sarahji, Ngan, Meghan, […]

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  • Kathy Cooper Returns to Near East Yoga

    Check out the schedule here and email with any questions.

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  • I’m in Mysore

    Hello and welcome to the Near East Yoga website. Near East Yoga is fully operational with some changes you need to know about. If you are new to Ashtanga Yoga you will be welcome to begin a practice after March 20th 2013. If you are […]

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  • Weekend Yoga weekend in Fargo ND

    Off to Fargo, ND, to see the frozen yogis Brenda Weiler and Derek Harnish and meet their dear child and new person in the world, Ruby. This weekend becomes a trial run of February when I travel to see Kathy Cooper in Sri Lanka. Thanks, […]

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  • Official Moon Day and Yoga Class Schedule

    My apologies for the state of the website. The blog posts contain the most updated version. Feel free to email your questions to neareastyoga(at) Near East Yoga is open to serve the Portland Ashtanga Yoga Community. Current enrollment standards require being established in the standing […]

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